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Stolen Car Keys

If your vehicle keys are stolen, Key Access NI can secure your vehicle, electronically decode any existing keys from the immobilizer system and recode any mechanical barrels.

We work alongside all major insurers in combating the aftermath of stolen car keys. This is a same day service for stolen car keys.

Have your car keys been stolen?

If you have had your keys stolen, you need to act quickly and make sure the vehicle is secured as fast as possible.

Secure your Vehicle

The best thing you can do is move the car to a secure location if you have a spare key. If there is no safe location or you do not have a spare key, you can open the bonnet and remove some fuses to cut power to some essential features. This means that the car cannot be driven away.

If you do not have a spare key on hand it is best to be with the vehicle until you have our auto locksmith on hand to help and make to car safe.

Contact Police & Insurance

Secondly, you should contact both the police and your insurance company. 

Contacting the police gives you a crime reference number which will be needed if you need to claim with your insurance company. Sometimes the police can get the keys and have them returned to you but this is not always the case. 

Contacting your insurance company is the next step. Some insurance policies have key cover which means they may contribute towards the cost of service from an auto locksmith. 


Contact Key Access NI

We use the latest, advanced diagnostic equipment to clear the keys from the immobiliser system, meaning that the thieves won’t be able to get in if they try.

Once the keys have been cleared from the system we can cut and program a new set of keys for your vehicle which will be identical to the manufacturer’s specification.

If your fob has a hidden key we can also decode any locks on the vehicle rendering the stolen set completely useless, giving you peace of mind.

Driving An Older Vehicle?

If you have an older vehicle with no immobiliser you are at greater risk when you have had your keys stolen but don’t panic; we can help!

We can offer full lock replacements. This means we will replace every key barrel on the car and cut a new set of keys for your vehicle offering you full peace of mind that your pride and joy won’t take off in the night.

We’ll always offer the most cost-effective option for you.