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Car Key Programming

Most car keys will need programming to turn off the immobiliser and allow the car to start. We supply and program all keys and remotes at your car.

We can also re-program car key transponders, re-program remote car keys that have lost their programming and add new keys and immo boxes to cars that have lost theirs.

Keys Programmed

Remote Car Key Fobs & Transponder Keys

Key Access NI specialises in car key programming to help with the following problems.

Repair car key fobs and provide replacement fob

Transponder key is broken/damaged

Transponder chip inside the car key remote is broken or damaged

Reprogram car key fobs

Remote car key fob is not working

Provide a spare transponder key

Lost your car key fob

Steps to get your car key reprogrammed

Follow our steps below and we’ll make sure your days of suffering from a unresponsive car key fob will be numbered.

1. Your Vehicle

Make a note of your vehicle manufacturer, year of make and model.

2. Your Location

Make a note of your location so we can find you.

3. Contact Us

Call Key Access NI and one of our engineers will be out on the double.

4. Contact Insurer

Contact your insurer: many provide key protection cover.

Reliable Car Key Programming

Programme your car key fobs and transponders in minutes!

Car Keys That Need Programming

Since 1995 vehicles are legally required to have an immobiliser system. To work this requires a transponder key with an electronic chip. The car only starts if the ignition receives the correct code when the key is turned.

Common types of keys that will need reprogramming include:

  • Car key with remote fob ( remote keys ) – provide keyless entry to the vehicle
  • Car key with integrated transponder chip ( transponder key ) – cars built after 1995
  • Flip type keys + key cards

Pre 1995 transponder car keys will not need programming but you can avail of our locksmith services specialising in car key cutting and copying vehicle keys.

Why choose Key Access NI?

Key Access NI offers a fast and reliable car key programming service, and have the most advanced equipment and machinery meaning we can reprogram car keys from almost all car makes and models. Our auto locksmiths are mobile so we can come to you at your convenience unlike main car dealerships.

The majority of vehicles manufactured after 1995 are fitted with transponder keys, which unlock and start the vehicle electronically. Because of this, most regular locksmiths aren’t equipped with the tools required to deal with this type of key.

Using cutting-edge software and locksmithing equipment, Key Access NI auto locksmiths will access your vehicle damage-free and provide you with a new, fully programmed key, specific to your vehicle.

Need more information?

For more commonly asked questions please visit our FAQ page or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.