We also offer Lock Servicing & Repair, Damaged Locks & Keys, Spare key issues, Duplications & Extractions.


Most car keys will need programming to turn off the the immobiliser and allow the car to start. We supply and program all keys and remotes at your car, so no need to tow it in to the dealers garage.

Replacement Keys

We would always recommend having a spare key for your car incase your main one gets lost or stolen. It'll also save you money! We can come to your home or work, cut and program a spare within 15 minutes. 


We offer a fast, damage free car entry service. We are experts at vehicle lock picking and entry.

We cover Antrim, Ballyclare, Ballymena, Bangor, Belfast, Carrickfergus, Carryduff, Comber, Crumlin, Dunmurray, Larne, Lurgan, Lisburn, Hillsborough, Moira, Newtownards, Saintfield and surrounding areas. Contact us to find out if our service is available in your area.


As you can see below we cover a huge range of vehicles. If you cannot see your car manufacturer, dont worry we'll still have it covered!

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How do I know if my key has a transponder chip?

After 1995, a European Directive came into place enforcing the use of immobilisers on cars from new. This means most cars manufactured after 1995 have electronic chips in the heads of the key to disarm an immobiliser. You can't always tell whether your particular key has a chip or not, without using special equipment. Some keys have a red or blue tab in the top, and some have just a plain plastic head with the chip embedded inside. The chances are that if you have a car built after 1995, it will have a chip. Some manufacturers, such as Volkswagen started bringing this technology in from as early as 1994.

What is a transponder chip?

A transponder chip is a small electronic chip embedded in the plastic head of the key, which responds to a signal sent out by the engine management system every time you turn the key in the ignition. If the response from the transponder chip is not correct, or it doesn't reply with the message the engine management system was expecting, then the engine won't start. If you have a key with no chip, or a chip that is not coded correctly, then it will open all the locks on the car, but the engine will not start.

Are all transponders the same?

No different technologies are uses by different manufactures and are constantly evolving. Our members are committed to keeping up with the many changes in this technology.

I have seen transponder keys for sale on the internet are they suitable for my car?

There are many different types of transponders used, just because the key looks physically the same does not mean it will program to the car. Also in most case once a transponder has been programmed once then it is locked to that vehicle and cannot be reprogrammed to another vehicle. To avoid problems we recommend you purchase replacement or additional keys from the company you wish to carry out the work.

Why are transponder keys so expensive?

This question must have been asked so many times. Unfortunately the transponder chips required are not cheap, and an older car will often have a transponder chip which is just as expensive as a newer car. In most cases original dealer supplied remote are used and have to be sourced so prices are unfortunately dictated by the dealers, Also there is the small point of the key will not start the vehicle until it is programmed to the vehicle which takes the latest tools, equipment, and computer software which is very expensive. 

How much will it cost to get my key programmed?

The cost of programming varies depending on the car and your location.

Is programming the transponder chip the same as programming the remote central locking buttons?

No! The remote central locking on your car key operates on a different circuit to the transponder chip, and needs to be programmed separately to the transponder. Instructions on the Internet to 'program your key' are usually just to program the remote central locking buttons and will not affect your transponder chip in any way.

Where can I find my key number?

This varies depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle. Please contact us, and we will do our best to help you locate it.

Do you use original key blanks?

Unless otherwise stated, we always use original key blanks, But in some cases dues to dealer restraint we have to use aftermarket keys but still offer the same no quibble warranty. In these cases we will inform you before carrying out any work.

Experienced Professionals

Key Access NI are dedicated to giving the best auto locksmith services throughout Belfast and the surrounding areas. We have a long list of loyal customers due to the high quality of services. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this means that you will not have to be without your car until normal working hours. Our mobile locksmiths come fully equipped to get you out of any situation. If your locked out of your car, we will perform non-destructive entry.

We keep a large selection of transponder keys, so you never have to wait days or weeks for your service to be completed. We also offer a key duplication service for all types of car keys. Don’t wait until you find yourself in an emergency, make a spare set of keys that will keep you on the safe side in the event of losing or misplacing your original set of keys.

We have all the necessary equipment and skills to gain entry and program new keys to work with your vehicles immobiliser. In the unfortunate situation that your keys have been stolen, we can delete keys from your vehicles immobiliser so stolen keys cannot work.

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"My brother lost the key for his Vauxhall Astra, Key Access NI called out that same day, made a new key and programmed it to the immobiliser within 1 hour, it was a genuine Vauxhall flip key!"

Steven Ward, Finaghy

"Fantastic, fast and friendly service. Locked my key in the car, guy came out within the hour and got me back into my car in no time at all. Really impressed!"

Mel McLean, Belfast

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